Success Stories


We were assisting Mary with a custody matter when she came to us for help defending a bogus PFA petition filed against her by the father and father's wife in Chester county, in an effort circumvent a standing custody order from Delaware county. LCD represented the client at the combined PFA hearing. LCD successfully argued for father's petition to be dismissed, and agreed to a 4 month cooling off period for the wife's PFA, to be dismissed with no further incident. As a result, the Delaware custody order was recognized as controlling, and Mary was able to leave the courthouse with her daughter in her arms.


Judy, a senior with severe arthritis and hip dysplagia, was referred by her therapist after multiple panic attacks and pain flareups due to an ongoing situation with her daughter. Judy had allowed her daughter and her daughter's family to move in with her after they were evicted from their apartment while they found new housing. However, her daughter would not leave when Judy asked her to and continued to live there unlawfully for more than three years. When she was referred for legal services, Judy's physical and mental health had deteriorated significantly due to the stress of the situation. At the time, she had not yet obtained title to the house after it was willed to her by her deceased mother. LCD helped Judy obtain title and funds for real estate taxes, then used the courts to have daughter and her family ejected from the property. Judy is now back in her family home, which her parents bought in 1961 and left to her, and her therapist reports that her anxiety and depression have nearly dissapeared.


Laura, her husband and 3 children, received an eviction notice from their landlord for the nonpayment of rent, in the amount of almost $3000. LCD opened the case and upon investigation, found that the home was truly unsuitable to live in. Laura and her husband wished to move out. The home lacked heat on the entire first floor and there were severe plumbing issues, with raw sewage entering their basement, making the home unsafe. Laura and her husband paid the landlord $900 when they moved in and did not pay any further rent. LCD represented Laura and came to an agreement with the landlord, which allowed both parties to walk away from the property without any money being further exchanged. In addition, the landlord agreed to vacate the judgment as long as Laura and her family vacated by the agreed upon date, making the judgment disappear from the record. As a result, Laura and her family can leave their awful living conditions without paying any rent for the time that they did live there, on account of the living conditions. They are now free to find another apartment without the weight of a judgment on them.