Success Stories


Angela, a mother of a 2 year old asthmatic child came to PhilaKids MLP at St. Christopher’s asking for help remedying their unsafe housing condition. There was mold growing on the ceiling due to multiple roof leaks, and although they regularly brought their daughter in for doctors’ visits and were compliant with her medication schedule, the little girl still suffered from wheezing and asthma attacks. The family was living in subsidized housing, and had been unsuccessful in negotiating with the landlord to make repairs. LCD worked with the treating physician to provide a letter of medical necessity. The physician detailed the severity of the child’s asthma and explained to the landlord and also the Section 8 caseworkers how mold and allergens were aggravating the child’s medical condition. Using the letter, the family was able to get their housing voucher moved to a new property. Today, the family is living in a mold-free apartment thanks to the collaborative effort of both physician and attorney.


LCD represented Clara, a mother with diabetes and mental health issues at an emergency hearing in the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas to stop a foreclosure sale of her home. LCD also represents Clara in a divorce action against her former abuser, where the home is the sole asset of any value. Clara had fallen behind on the mortgage due to physical and mental health conditions and had been unable to work with her husband toward a resolution with the lender because of the high conflict nature of the relationship. LCD obtained a 60-day postponement of the sheriff’s sale and is facilitating the sale of the house through an agent it helped to retain for client. Any profit from the sale of the house will help mother and her 12-year-old son start a new life together.


Joel, a client with end-stage cancer, came to LCD for assistance with an eviction. Joel had not paid rent in three months and could no longer afford to. He had just been approved for in-home Hospice care and wished to live out his days in his own home. An eviction would have forced him to move to a Hospice or nursing care facility at great personal cost and stress. LCD negotiated with counsel for the landlord to allow the client to stay in his apartment an extra month without fear of removal. As a result, the client, who died less than two weeks after the hearing, was able to live out the remainder of his life in peace.