WHYY’s Health and Science Desk Delves into LCD’s Medical Legal Partnership (MLP) at St. Christopher’s Hospital for Children

WHYY's Maiken Scott explains how the MLP model allows doctors and attorneys to work together to improve the health of patients, and how two LCD attorneys at St. Christopher's are working with pediatricians to serve the children of North Philadelphia. Read the story here.

Since the summer of 2011, LCD attorneys Eileen Carroll and Elizabeth Oquendo have worked at St. Christopher's to address social determinants affecting patients' health. With the support of social workers and doctors, including Medical Champion Dr. Dan Taylor and Chief of Pediatrics Dr. Lee Pachter, LCD provides free legal services to St. Christopher's families on issues including public benefits, food insecurity, housing, child support, custody and domestic violence. Since LCD attorneys are on-site in the hospital, patients and their families are spared time-consuming trips around the city that can be barriers to accessing legal services.