NEWS: How a Phila. Museum Ruined its Reputation

Originally appeared in The Legal Intelligencer
June 24, 2016
By Ben Feldman and Linda Peyton

Michael Anderson is one of the many individuals in the United States living with severe disabilities. He requires the use of a wheelchair and a personal care attendant (PCA) 24 hours a day, seven days a week. There was a time in this […]

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Stability for Frank

Frank is a single father who needs stability as he suffers from anxiety and has four children – two of whom still live at home with him.  Frank, a server at a local restaurant who works six days a week, fell behind on his rent.  His apartment, throughout the winter months, did not get warm […]

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Community Health Education

On May 13, LCD Executive Director Linda Peyton contributed to community education and attended a Meet & Greet at the Stephen Klein Wellness Center for the Gesu School, an independent Catholic School in North Philadelphia. The Gesu School and LCD are part of the North Philadelphia Wellness Collaborative, a group of community organizations working in […]

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Independence for Tanya

After a stroke several years ago, and many smaller strokes since, Tanya was left feeling unsteady on her feet as well as fearful of when her next stroke would come. She lived with her brother and his girlfriend who moved in with Tanya after serving time in prison. They were abusive and destructive toward Tanya. […]

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Leading the Way: Nurse Led MLPs

LCD, which partners with Family Practice Counseling Network in the first nurse run MLP in the nation, has contributed to a new guide co-written by the National Nursing Centers Consortium, LCD, and the Family Practice and Counseling Network. The guide is intended to help health care and legal institutions establish medical-legal partnerships in nurse-led health care settings. It […]

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2016 Duffy Fellowship

Thomas J. Duffy, Esq., founder of Duffy + Partners, has renewed his support of the “Duffy Fellowship” at LCD. Theresa Brabson is this year’s recipient of the Fellowship, which supports a staff attorney’s salary. In 2012, LCD became the first recipient of a Duffy Fellowship and applauds Tom Duffy’s generosity toward the non-profit legal services community.

Theresa is the […]

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Helping Advocates: Trauma Training

On Friday, April 29 LCD hosted a training on handling trauma for the LCD staff and staff from other agencies. The training was provided thanks to a Building Capacity for Innovation Micro-grant from The Barra Foundation. LCD applied for the grant in order to provide training on Trauma Informed Legal Advocacy. LCD hired Beth Weinstock […]

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Thank you Broad Street Runners

It was a rainy and chilly day as 10,000 runners took off down Broad Street for the 2016 Independence Blue Cross Broad Street Run. Forty-nine of those runners generously trained, fundraised and ran in support of LCD and its clients. We can’t thank the runners enough as well as those who donated to help them […]

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Hope for Grace

Grace, a mother of three children with asthma, was living in horrific housing conditions. A visit to her home revealed a significant roach infestation, trash in the hallway, as well as urine, feces and crack smoke in the hallway. The living conditions were having such a serious impact on the children’s health that one child took three different medications […]

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Legal Extern has Global Experience

For the past three months, Dana Binder has been working as a Legal Extern with LCD. An attorney from Israel, Dana is studying for her Master’s in Law with a focus on Human Rights at Drexel University. She joined LCD as part of a field practicum program, where students can join an organization they find […]

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